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IPL permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal. IPL basingstoke IPL permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal. IPL basingstoke

IPL - Innovative Professional Light Therapy

IPL stands for "Intense Pulsed Light". IPL, broadband light that encompasses all wavelengths, is successfully applied in the advanced light therapy. Beechdown Beauty offers clients treatments using the state-of-the-art Cosmedico Medical Systems skinPULSE 900RF machine.  The world's first Pain Free IPL treatments.

Pain Free permanent hair removal treatments by Cosmedico Systems are exclusive to Beechdown Beauty Spa in the Basingstoke and North Hampshire area

IPL technology

The latest generation of IPL devices have demonstrated outstanding success in permanent hair removal in clinical studies and long-term tests compared to older generations of IPL and laser systems. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This pulsed light is generated using highly energetic xenon (a noble gas). Xenon has the characteristic of producing white, i.e. broadband, light that encompasses all wavelengths. By using special filters, the wavelengths of this "white light" are split into so-called wavelength windows or spectra. The pulsed light devices also have precisely definable parameter profiles of variable pulse duration and pulse sequence. This allows a wide range of treatments for permanent hair removal and skin treatments of all kinds.



IPL uses specific wavelengths of light to cause damage to growing hair follicles. Until now, one drawback of IPL has been the discomfort experienced during treatment. However, Beechdown has overcome this by investing in the first pain-free IPL machine available in the UK.  IPL can treat most skin types and hair colours.

Beechdown Beauty offers FREE consultations and patch tests to ensure treatments will be successful and clients understand the process.

Technology behind IPL Permanent Hair Removal

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Intense pulsed light (IPL), is a technology aimed at producing light of high intensity during a very short period of time. It involves specific lamps together with capacitors whose rapid discharge provides the high energy required.

It is a method of hair removal from the body most commonly employed by medical practitioners and estheticians. It involves the use of a specially constructed xenon flash lamp and focusing optics.

Cheaper and faster than laser hair removal, the IPL removal procedure has become very popular. Although the precise effectiveness of IPL compared to laser epilation is debated by scientists, equipment manufacturers and practitioners, their results are generally accepted to be roughly equivalent


The following areas are treated for £35 per session;

Top Lip, Chin, Centre Brow, Sideburns, Hands, Feet, Navel, Nipple


The following areas are treated for £59 per session;

Underarm, Classic Bikini, Lip and Chin, Side of Face, Shoulders, Half Arm


The following areas are treated for £119 per session;

Half Leg, Brazilian, Face, Half Chest, Half Back, Buttocks


The following areas are treated for £165 per session;

Full Chest, Full Back, Hollywood

Full Leg is treated for £199 per session