Beechdown offers over 200 classes a week

Beechdown Classes

At Beechdown we pride ourselves in delivering an excellent service and our classes programme is no exception. With over 25 staff included within the programme across a wide range of disciplines you'll easily be able to find something for you and of course, all of our classes are included in all of our memberships.

Main Studio

Our main studio is run by a team of highly qualified instructors that run a range of classes from BodyPump to Zumba. Our instructor team are friendly and experts at introducing new people to classes by guiding them through the class whilst stretching more experienced participants. The studio is air conditioned, equipped with a high quality sound system and features MyZone display.

Virtual Studio

Beechdown is one off the first clubs in the UK to create a dedicated Virtual Studio, offering classes throughout our opening times. Virtual classes combines the professionalism gained from instructors with anytime convenience. The studio is equipped with the latest Les Mills Smart Kit. Designed to be both beautiful and simple to use, the room features a stunning sound and lighting system to create a motivating environment to exercise in.

Spin Studio

If you've tried SPIN, there's every chance you are already 'hooked'. If you're still unaware what fun it can be, try one of our Spin Start up sessions. You’ll get shown how to set the bike up and then have a short class just to get you 'into the spin of things! Our bikes are top of the range, offering performance for the dedicated cyclist but simplicity for those just starting to spin!

Enveloped in atmosphere in our purpose designed air-conditioned Spin Studio with its discotheque sound and lighting you just won't realise how much good these energetic classes are doing for you. As well as our instructor led classes, just like the virtual studio, we offer Virtual RPM classes. In total there are more than 50 cycling classes each week at a range of times. Spin continue to grow in popularity as fitness benefits are seen quickly.

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A Queenax class is a circuit driven session with the aim of a high-intensity workout in a social atmosphere. Each class will have a diverse range of "stations" which focus on activities to benefit day to day tasks.

Find your perfect workout with over 200 classes a week...

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