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Beechdown Gym

The open plan layout creates a relaxed, unintimidating atmosphere for exercise. We are continually investing to give members the most up to date and innovative ways to enjoy exercise. Our fully qualified and experienced Gym Instructors are on constant 'Gym-Patrol' making sure that help and personal guidance is available to you whenever needed. We recommend that you update your programme and review your progress every 3 months and of course it’s included as part of your membership. 

When you join the Beechdown Club we will offer you full support on your Fitness Journey to help you feel confident in the gym and make the most from the time you spend exercising.

Cardio Equipment

At Beechdown you will find the latest touch screen CV equipment to make sure you get the best possible workout, but there’s so much more than just exercise available on our cross- trainers, treadmills and rowing machines. Watch your favourite TV, surf the net whilst you exercise. You’ll barely notice your effort as you distract yourself!

We’re a modern club, at the forefront of tracking and measuring exercise. We’ll help you set up a PREVA account to keep track of your calories and distance travelled as you improve your fitness. Our Cardio kit is located in two air conditioned zones, it’s modern and well maintained.

Queenax Functional Zone

Functional Training has gone from a fashion in fitness to a fundamental and in 2016 Beechdown created a new dedicated Queenax zone. Functional exercise is a must for your fitness regime, it fires up your metabolism and allows you to train for real life events.

What makes our Queenax zone so unique is its use of every possible space, from the walls to the floor to the ceiling itself. You’ll find a range of equipment all on one multipurpose frame, which means your workout can include anything from suspension training to boxing rings and dip bars. The options are endless and continue to grow as we add new exercise equipment. Join a class and you’ll see the Queenax comes alive with high intensity but sociable exercise guided by our Queenax trained instructors.

Resistance and Free Weights

Exercising with weights is more popular than ever. We encourage all members to have a personalised resistance plan and the benefits will become clear, body shape change, increased strength and reduced chance of injuries.

Of course, it’s important to learn the correct techniques but our expert staff will coach you and design your weights plan based on your goals. We have a full range of CYBEX resistance machines, that will allow you to safely develop strength. Our dedicated Free Weights Room is fully equipped for all types of lifting.

myzone logo

MYZONE is an innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. Within Beechdown you'll be able to compete with other members as well as being able to see your progress on the many screens across the club.

MYZONE MZ-3 can be purchased at reception at a members price of £80. (RRP £129)

You’ll feel part of the club from your very first visit...

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